12 Latinx-Owned Brands to Know: Nopalera

Hispanic Heritage Month: 12 Latinx-Owned Brands to Know

At The Folklore Connect, part of our mission is to diversify the retail landscape, and we are proud to support a community of brands founded by talented entrepreneurs of Hispanic heritage. Our Latinx-owned wholesale brands across fashion, beauty, and lifestyle each contribute to a rich tapestry of diversity and inclusivity, from clothing that echoes cultural heritage to beauty products celebrating unique identities.

These brands not only infuse traditional influences into their offerings but also bring forth modern designs that cater to a global audience, fostering a spirit of unity and self-expression. Below, get to know FOR TMRW, Nopalera, MACONDIA, and many more of our wholesale brands that are not only trailblazers in the industry but champions of diversity and representation.


FOR TMRW nail varnish collection

“I created FOR TMRW to celebrate my family, elevate the perception of my Caribbean roots in the world, and bring clean beauty to the broader BIPOC community,” says Maia Alejandro, the founder of the New York-based lifestyle. “I grew up spending weekends with my tías learning to paint nails, make face masks, and even pluck a few eyebrows. These moments at my grandmother’s house are some of my favorite childhood memories.” FOR TMRW’s collection of nail polishes and lacquers are grounded in color psychology, interwoven with influences from design, art, photography and modern culture. The brand specializes in non-toxic nail care that is also long-lasting.


02. Vela Negra

Vela Negra candles

Founded by Aisha Cort, the Vela Negra brand is a testament to how a stress-relieving outlet can transform into a profound expression of culture and warmth. The brand’s choice of black wax isn’t arbitrary – it symbolizes the absorption and dispelling of negative energies, signifying new beginnings and clarity just as light illuminates the darkness. Drawing inspiration from Cort’s Afro-Cuban and Guyanese roots, the fragrances encapsulate the essence of her heritage, evoking memories of cherished places like Cuba and Puerto Rico. Each candle is hand-poured with 100% vegan coconut soy wax and ethically sourced wooden wicks to ensure a clean burn.


03. Skinergy Beauty

Skinergy Beauty correcting serum

Skinergy Beauty
is a skincare brand was born out of the founder’s personal struggle to find effective products that catered to her skin needs as a Latina, a journey that led her to identify a critical gap in the market, of common concerns within the Latino community. Inspired by Jiminian’s Caribbean background, Skinergy has a profound mission to become the trusted solution for hyperpigmentation, an issue disproportionately affecting Black and Brown communities. 


04. Ila Ceramica

Ila Ceramica

Founded by Camila Apaez in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ila Ceramica encapsulates the essence of ceramics as a space for reflection and expression. What began as a solo odyssey for Camila has evolved into a thriving ceramic studio, seamlessly blending sculpture and functionality in their vases, lamps and footstools. Apaez’s passion for pottery can be traced to the meditative process of working with clay. Which allowed her to find creative solace, inspiring unique creations for the home.


05. The Lulo Project

The Lulo Project

Inspired by the Lulo fruit, a vibrant citrus from Colombia, The Lulo Project was conceived by Martha J Nieto with a purpose – to offer garments and objects that are not just stylish but also refreshing, bold, and exotic, evoking the same sense of joy and connection as found in their fruit namesake. With a global footprint across Italy, Colombia, and the US, The Lulo Project places a strong emphasis on supporting local communities and businesses. Its prints, deeply rooted in Colombian culture, are crafted using locally sourced materials and natural fabrics, a testament to their commitment to sustainability and community prosperity. 


06. Ashley Stambouli

Ashley Stambouli

Founded in 2018 by Ashley Stambouli, the eponymous womenswear brand is rooted in  the essence of heritage and a commitment to crafting designs for the contemporary woman. Inspired by the rich cultural tapestry of Venezuela and embodying the multifaceted traits of femininity, sophistication, and elegance, Ashley Stambouli’s collections come to life within the vibrant walls of the brand’s Miami-based atelier.




Founded by Mexico-born Doris Izquierdo, DOIZPE is a sustainably minded accessories brand producing genderless and timeless bags. Drawing from Izquierdo’s experiences collaborating with fashion stalwarts and artisans, the brand is dedicated to honoring traditional craftsmanship. Guided by a commitment to reducing the fashion industry’s footprint, DOIZPE crafts its bags from responsible vegan leather, nappa leather, and unique cactus leather, embracing the ethos of conscious design and social responsibility with small-batch production, sustainable values, and timeless style.


08. Pink Root Products

Pink Root Products curl defining gel

With a personal understanding of the struggles posed by years of relaxer and heat usage on hair, Dominican-American Mariel Mejia’s own journey led her to the path of natural solutions. She began crafting homemade recipes in her mother’s kitchen, striving to rejuvenate her hair's health. Fueled by her passion for transformative and natural formulas, the New York native created Pink Root Products with a mission to guide individuals, much like herself, in embracing their natural hair. Carefully selected ingredients cater to a spectrum of hair textures, from wavy to curly, kinks, and coils, aiming to restore and promote new growth by infusing nutrient-rich and organic elements into each meticulously crafted formulation.


09. Reisfields

Reisfields classic collection candles

The essence of Reisfields lies in being a Black/Hispanic and queer-owned lifestyle design studio, offering a curated line of handcrafted pieces designed to enhance the home. With a diverse background encompassing business, fashion styling, interior design, and architectural development, founder Reis Chester seamlessly blended his passions to create a nurturing space for individuals like himself. Each candle, hand-poured in a New Jersey lab, bears the imprints of this blend, crafted from 100% soy wax and infused with thoughtfully selected fragrances and essential oils. At Reisfields, every creation is an ode to sustainable beauty, cultural celebration, and the purity of self-care.


10. Nopalera

Nopalera moisturizing bar soaps

Growing up in California near the US-Mexican border, Nuestra Jefa imbibed the values of resilience, determination, and pride from her Mexican immigrant parents. Their journey, like that of countless others, was a testament to the strength needed to thrive on once-unfamiliar soil. Nopalera, born in 2020, emerged as a homage to this legacy and an invitation for others to embrace the elevated beauty deeply ingrained in Mexican traditions. At its core lies the Nopal cactus, an emblem of nourishment deeply interwoven into Mexican culture. The bath and body collection by Nopalera harnesses the potent power of the Nopal cactus, offering a line of products infused with the richness of Mexican heritage.



MACONDIA collection

Based in Cartagena in Colombia, MACONDIA is a ready-to-wear brand that merges the distinct styles and visions of co-founders Daniela and Maria Gabriela. With a fusion of sporty, sensual, and artistic elements, MACONDIA has emerged as a canvas for unexpected yet inviting creations. The brand’s aesthetic challenges the established norms of Latin American fashion, through audacious silhouettes, unconventional materials, and inspiration drawn from various industries.


12. Patricia Trujillo

Patricia Trujillo

This eponymous couture-inspired brand by Ecuadorian designer Patricia Trujillo started with embroidered and meticulously detailed pieces for grand evening events and galas. As Trujillo continued to evolve her artistic vision, her designs involve a fusion of haute couture with skilled craftsmanship. From printed dresses to macrame separates and woven knits, each piece is a testament to the blend of artistry and enduring design, meticulously crafted by skilled artisans.


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