The Report: Top Trends From SS24 Womenswear Collections

The Report: Top Trends From Spring/Summer 2024 Womenswear Collections

The runway shows for the spring/summer 2024 collections have come and gone, bringing with them the latest looks and trends we can expect to take the fashion world by storm in a few months. The frenzy and fast pace of fashion month now give way to the careful planning and wholesale buying appointments for retail buyers, as they align their inventory and stay ahead of consumer preferences. 

The latest collections emphasize edgy designs, with leather fabrics adding a three-dimensional touch to silhouettes, while bold and vibrant colors take the stage, adding energy and optimism to the season. Sheer fabrics and soft textures infuse sensuality into the looks.

The new designs also underscore a subtle revival of old school-inspired fashion, incorporating accessories such as shoulder bags, which were very popular in the 1990s. Additionally, ease is a key focus, with flat and low-heeled shoes making a case for comfort without compromising style.

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Joseph Ejiro Embellished Black Lace Ankle-Length Dress Mimine AG The Lace Bodysuit Israella Kobla Saku top  Sisiano The Davi tunic
From left: Joseph Ejiro, Mimine AG, ISRAELLA KOBLA, Sisiano

The SS24 season brings forth a resurgence of lace and sheer fabrics, offering an element of sensuality and romanticism. These ethereal textures create a delicate contrast to the bold silhouettes of the season, adding a touch of femininity to the mix. Retail buyers should pay attention to this trend because it strikes a balance between comfort and style, allowing consumers to embrace their sensuous side while staying on-trend.

Leather looks

Kaphill Ruched Patent Leather Strapless Gown Klassic Kloth Andi hoodie and Tomi pants Joseph Ejiro Embellished Leather Pleated Dress Kaphill Cropped Puff Sleeve Faux Leather Jacket
From left: Kaphill, Klassic Kloth, Joseph Ejiro, Kaphill

Leather pieces are very prominent trend for the new season. These edgy styles represent a fusion of toughness and sophistication, resonating with consumers who appreciate a rebellious yet refined aesthetic. The enduring popularity of leather jackets, trousers, or dresses makes this trend a wise investment for fashion retail buyers. Leather items are timeless, exuding an air of confidence and attitude, which appeals to a broad range of shoppers.

Jewel tones

Rendoll Oversize Sleeve Maxi Dress Dur Doux Sous Marine SS24 Rosey & Vittori Satin Formal Dress In Forest  Mimine AG Oversized Sleeve Draped Wrap Gown 
From left: Rendoll, Dur Doux, Rosey & VittoriMimine AG

The runways were awash with shades of jewel tones, ranging from emerald greens to vibrant sapphires and rich rubies. These luxurious and sumptuous colors evoke a sense of regal elegance and can easily elevate any outfit. Jewel-toned pieces are an easy way to incorporate a sense of glamour and extravagance into consumers’ wardrobes. These hues lend themselves to special occasions and festivities while allowing everyday wear, making them a versatile choice.

The work shirt

Judy Sanderson Kim Button-Down Shirt Rever La Nuit Essential Button-Up Shirt Asantii Boyfriend Shirt Boyedoe Odeefuo Shirt
From left: Judy Sanderson, Rêver La Nuit, Asantii, Boyedoe

The white button-down shirt is a classic, and the new season introduces a revival of the work shirt, emphasizing utilitarian, practical and comfortable style. Retail buyers should take note of this trend due to its practicality and comfort. The work shirt’s adaptability allows consumers to transition seamlessly between work and leisure, presenting an ideal solution for those seeking versatile fashion choices. 


Shoulder bags

Ice Garden Peggy Mini Tote Bag Florian London Amelia Shoulder Bag EDAS Maria shoulder bag Max + Min Brooklyn Shoulder Bag
From left: Ice Garden A.508, Florian London, EDAS, Max+min

Shoulder bags take center stage as a key accessory trend for the new season. Retail buyers should recognize the practicality and style appeal of shoulder bags, as they allow consumers to carry their essentials while complementing their outfits. These versatile bags come in various sizes, from oversized to mini, making them suitable for different occasions and preferences. The resurgence of shoulder bags caters to the modern consumer's need for convenience without compromising fashion.

Down-to-earth shoes

Munnzil Jasmine slidesRhita Sebti Lily III shoes Loza Maleombho Fah Regal sandalsShekudo Ilamoye mules
From left: Munnzil, Rhita Sebti, Loza Maleombho, Shekudo

Comfort has emerged as a paramount concern, with flat and low-heeled shoes being a key focus. Retail buyers should prioritize this trend because it addresses the increasing demand for comfortable yet stylish footwear. Flat shoes, ranging from sandals to loafers and mules, provide consumers with a sense of ease and mobility. This trend accommodates the modern lifestyle, making it a valuable addition to any collection, especially for those who prioritize comfort without compromising fashion.


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