Find Skilled Freelance Creatives to Work With on The Folklore Source

How to Find and Hire Skilled Freelancers for Your Brand Using The Folklore Source


Did you know that you can build your dream team, streamline project management, communicate seamlessly to fuel the growth of your brand on The Folklore? Source is a user-friendly talent marketplace designed for brands to discover and connect with vetted service providers.

Whether you’re looking for manufacturers or freelancers, Source provides a streamlined process to find and collaborate with the right talent for your business needs across marketing, business operations, production and more.

Using Source, you can effectively find, connect with, and manage collaborations with creative service providers, ensuring a seamless experience from initial search to project completion, to help your business thrive through well-coordinated and successful partnerships.

Here’s how you can effectively use Source to find and work with a creative service providers.


Find freelancers on The Folklore Source    

01. Explore the freelance marketplace

Get started by exploring the extensive database of service providers on Source. Utilize the platform’s advanced filtering technology to narrow down your search. You can filter based on budget to find providers that match your financial constraints or location to choose freelancers or manufacturers in specific geographic areas.You can also search by your preferred language or by skills and certifications to identify service providers with the specific expertise you need. Source gives you the tools to pinpoint the exact talent that aligns with your brand’s values and project requirements.

02. View service provider profiles

From starting prices and industry specialties to portfolios and certifications, you can glean a lot of information on each service provider from their profile, which showcases their services and capabilities. Check out each profile to find out where a service provider is based, to get an idea of the cost of their services or view their previous work to assess quality and style, to help you make informed decisions about who to contact.

Find freelancers on The Folklore Source   

03. Request a quote

Once you’ve identified potential service providers you’d like to collaborate with, you can request quotes directly through Source. Just fill out the form at the bottom of the provider’s profile page, ensuring you describe your project requirements, budget, and deadlines. Use Source’s messaging system to discuss project details, negotiate terms, and receive a final proposal. You can submit payments directly through the platform’s secure processing system. This step ensures you and the service provider are on the same page regarding the project’s scope and cost.

04. Confirm and book

After reviewing quotes and negotiating terms, you can confirm and book your chosen service provider. The process includes reviewing and evaluate all received quotes to select the best fit for your project. You can directly communicate and engage with collaborators through direct messages or video calls to finalize details. Once satisfied, formally book the service provider and agree on the project scope and fee. You can submit payments directly through the platform’s secure processing system.

05. Manage your projects

Source provides a centralized place to manage all project details and communication with your collaborators. You can stay on top of all your ongoing projects by tracking the progress and monitoring the status of your tasks in one place. Source allows you to easily communicate with your service provider through the platform’s messaging or video call systems to ensure everything runs smoothly. 

Discover and hire freelancers on Source



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