My Folklore: Priscilla Jiminian of Skinergy Beauty interview

My Folklore: Founder Priscilla Jiminian on Skinergy Beauty Being a Vehicle of Diversity

Self-described as the “Caribbean go-to solution for dark spots”
, Skinergy Beauty is a skincare brand that was founded by Priscilla Jiminian out of sheer frustration. 
After Jiminian’s personal struggles to find effective products that catered to her unique skin needs, she identified a critical gap in the market – particularly the lack of potent solutions in the US that didn’t contain hydroquinone – to address hyperpigmentation and other common concerns within the Latinx community.

With a determination to bridge this divide, she introduced Skinergy Beauty’s range of products formulated to target melasma and dark spots, including the award-winning Dark Spot Correcting Cream, which are available to source wholesale from The Folklore Connect.

Taking inspiration Jiminian’s Caribbean roots in the Dominican Republic, the New York-based brand has declared its mission to become the trusted solution for hyperpigmentation, an issue disproportionately affecting the Black and Latinx communities. Through its products, Skinergy Beauty strives to empower individuals and celebrate the beauty that resonates across diverse heritages.

The Folklore Edit speaks to Priscilla Jiminian about her holistic approach to skincare, making inclusivity an integral part of her brand, and what Hispanic Heritage Month means to her.


Priscilla Jiminian, founder Skinergy Beauty
Priscilla Jiminian, founder Skinergy Beauty


What inspired you to start Skinergy Beauty?

It was pure frustration from not being able to find the right products for my skin. As a woman of color, a Latina, I needed products that catered to my unique skin needs and I filled a wide space to create just that.

As a Latina, how has your heritage influenced the values and ethos of Skinergy Beauty?

Being a Latina from the Dominican Republic has been an integral part of Skinergy. I’ve seen firsthand what tenacity and ambition is from my grandparents down to my own parents. My Caribbean roots are loudly expressed through our branding and social platforms.

How do you ensure that your products resonate with a diverse range of people while staying true to the brand’s essence?

Being inclusive has been at the forefront of Skinergy’s mission from the very start. Our products are formulated to be multitasking and inclusive of the many skin conditions that lots of people struggle with.

What does Hispanic Heritage Month mean to you, and how does your brand actively celebrate the diversity and beauty within the Hispanic community?

Hispanic Heritage Month means everything to a brand like Skinergy. We proudly celebrate our Latinidad 365 days a year, so sharing my story unapologetically is always how I connect with my community.

Skinergy Beauty range of products


What goes into a product by Skinergy? When you research your products, what’s always on your checklist and how do you translate that into formulations and ingredients?

Ingredients that can target multiple skin concerns, specifically for melanin-rich, reactive, sensitized skin are the priority. Although I trust in science-backed studies, I prefer natural, more holistic approaches to maximize skin health. Since our focus is hyperpigmentation, I’ve learned that there are botanical and organic alternatives to brighten and fade discoloration, dark spots and melasma, and it is why I love formulating with ingredients such as kojic acid, which is derived from mushrooms. This ingredient is gentler on skin of color, and reactive skin.

How does Skinergy prioritize sustainability and ethical practices in its manufacturing processes, considering the current focus on responsible and eco-conscious beauty brands?

Plastic use in the beauty industry is a monster that cannot be easily tamed. I intentionally chose glass jars and bottles to negate the use of non-recyclable or non-reusable plastics. I also make sure that when placing inventory orders with overseas suppliers, to offset the transportation frequency by ordering as much as I can, less frequently. This minimizes costs, emissions, and the use of shipping containers.


Skinergy Beauty Dual Refiner Mask & Scrub


In your opinion, what is the most important aspect of a successful skincare routine, and how do Skinergy Beauty products contribute to that?

I would say cleansing. The daily absorption of environmental pollution is something that everyone should be aware of. Cleansing as your first step in the morning and at night is not only important to remove dirt and debris (think of how often we unknowingly touch our faces, or place our phones on our cheeks), it is also the step that clears and preps your skin to better absorb your following steps, like the use of a serum and a moisturizer. Overall, you want to have a clean canvas and fight bacteria that may accumulate throughout the day.

How do you approach inclusivity and diversity in your beauty brand, considering the wide range of skin types among consumers?

Since inception, inclusivity has been at the forefront of my mission, which is a very simple one: anyone that is exposed to the sun is susceptible to hyperpigmentation, and our products aim to be the go-to solution for it, regardless of skin type, skin condition or pigment. Hyperpigmentation and sun damage do not discriminate; they affect skin of color differently, though, and because I am Latina, Skinergy Beauty will always be a vehicle of diversity.

How do you envision The Folklore Connect’s wholesale platform benefiting your brand?

Reaching a larger audience of customers is integral in the success of any brand. With The Folklore, I’ll have the opportunity to expand my wholesale desires and further my mission to help as many people to find the proper skincare solutions for their skin. Hyperpigmentation is a common skin condition and it affects 33% of the population in the United States alone, and I want to share my products with as many people as I can. With hundreds of testimonials and jaw-dropping before and after photos, I know that it is possible to reach a broader audience through the platform.

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