Our mission is to provide global brands with technology, education, and community resources to grow their business and enable retailers and service providers to collaborate better with brands.

What We Offer

The Folklore's software and marketplace technology helps global brands manage and grow their wholesale business, source talent, and access capital, while enabling retailers and service providers to discover and better engage with brands. In addition to technology, brands have access to educational content and community events designed to help navigate their business from inception through the growth stage. Monthly in person and digital programming and community groups are designed for brands to connect, support, and build together.

Our Values


Fostering relationships and engagement among individuals and corporations striving to see innovative and diverse communities win.


Facilitating valuable and long-lasting connections between brands and global customers and partners.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Providing the world with opportunities to amplify and work with diverse talent and champion inclusivity.


Developing streamlined operating and sales systems that expand jobs, entrepreneurship, and manufacturing in global communities.


Creating solutions that have a positive impact on the way brands, retailers, service providers, and consumers engage and support one another.


Celebrating and undertaking innovation as a means to develop a better and more sustainable society.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Folklore Manifesto

Our Origins

The Folklore was born from a deep belief in the power of diverse voices to transform the fashion industry. We sought to create a platform where emerging brands from Africa, Asia, South America, and beyond could break through traditional barriers, reach new audiences, and thrive.

Our Evolution

As The Folklore expands to welcome an even wider array of brands, our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains unwavering. We recognize that true innovation and meaningful connection flourish when a multitude of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences are represented.

Our Commitment

Inclusive Spaces

We strive to cultivate spaces where all members of our community feel safe, respected, and empowered to contribute their unique talents, both online and in-person.

Challenging Barriers

We actively work to dismantle systemic obstacles that limit opportunities for brands from diverse backgrounds.

Amplifying Voices

We prioritize showcasing the brilliant work of emerging designers from around the globe, ensuring their stories and creations reach a wider audience.

Community as Catalyst

We foster meaningful connections within our community, recognizing that collaboration and mentorship across diverse identities fuel growth for everyone.

Our Actions

Diverse Showrooms

Our seasonal showrooms highlight a breadth of talent, ensuring equal representation and a pathway for diverse-owned brands to connect with major retailers.

The Folklore Source

Our platform connects brands with vetted freelancers and manufacturers from around the world, expanding access to resources and helping build inclusive teams.

Educational Equity

Our workshops, resources, and content prioritize sharing knowledge and tools that empower brands of all backgrounds to succeed.

Partnerships for Change

We collaborate with like-minded organizations to amplify diverse voices, drive industry-wide initiatives, and create long-lasting impact.

Our Call to Action

We invite brands, retailers, industry leaders, and all who are committed to championing diversity to join us. Together, let's shape a future where the retail industry is a reflection of our global vision, and where every brand has the chance to reach its full potential.