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About Us

What is The Folklore?

The Folklore is leading a global movement for brands to learn, connect, sell, and thrive as a community. In supporting this mission, The Folklore provides global brands with technology, education, and community resources to grow their business and enables retailers and service providers to collaborate better with brands. 

The company’s software and marketplace technology help global brands manage and grow their wholesale business, source talent, and access capital, while enabling retailers and service providers to discover and work with a more diverse and global network of brands.

In addition to technology, brands have access to educational content and community events designed to help navigate their business from inception through the growth stage. Monthly in person and digital programming and community groups are designed for brands to connect, support, and build together.

How does The Folklore work?

The Folklore provides brands with technology, education, and community to grow their business and better collaborate with business partners. Brands can subscribe online to become a member of The Folklore and gain access to our software and marketplace technology, as well as our education and community resources.

With a single login, brands have access to The Folklore Connect, a wholesale management software and B2B marketplace, The Folklore Source, a vetted freelancer and manufacturing talent marketplace, The Folklore Capital, a loan matchmaker for PO financing and working capital, and The Folklore Hub, a resource center with exclusive educational content and business guides.

On The Folklore’s technology platform, brands can invite existing and potential retailers to shop their digital wholesale showroom and manage all wholesale order processing, payment, fulfillment, and retailer communications in one place. Brands can also search for, hire, and communicate with vetted freelancers and manufacturers on commissioned projects. In the recourse center, brands can view exclusive business guides, industry insights, video tutorials, downloadable templates, and recorded webinars.

The Folklore members have access to attend monthly live webinars, quarterly workshops, and join digital Whatsapp community groups. Brands can also take part in monthly in person events, including community mixers, community dinners, co-working retreats, and panel discussions. Members can learn about and register to attend events by logging into the platform.

How do I contact you?

Please visit our Contact Page for information about how to get in contact with us.


How much does it cost to join as a retailer?

It's free! Retailers pay absolutely no cost to join the platform and place orders. No hidden fees. Completely free.

How do I join The Folklore?

All retailers must apply using the retailer registration page to be considered for an opportunity to join the platform. Only retailers that are accepted will have access to view our brands and their products and place orders. We review applications on a rolling basis

What type of retailers can join?

The retailers using the platform consist of small boutiques and enterprise retailers selling men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, beauty, home, wellness, hygiene, and kids & baby brands. All retailers that apply or have been invited to use the platform have been vetted and approved by The Folklore

What goes into evaluating retailers that apply?

There are a number of factors we consider when selecting the retailers we invite to join the platform. These factors include: being in business for at least two years, verifiable history of selling quality and superior products and brands, and contemporary or high-end price point. Although these are not the only factors we consider and we will occasionally consider retailers that do not meet all of the requirements, however, this is the primary way we evaluate.

What type of brands are using the platform?

The Folklore’s technology, event, and community offerings are designed to serve small to medium size consumer goods brands that sell products across men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, beauty, home, wellness, hygiene, and kids & baby.

What if I am already working with brands sold on your platform?

Brands can invite their current retail partners to have their application fast tracked using a special retailer invite link. Being invited by a brand using the platform will increase your chances of acceptance dramatically.

When will I find out if my application was accepted?

Applications will be reviewed in the order they were received. You will be notified in 1-7 business days if you are accepted to join the platform.

What happens after I get accepted?

You will receive an email notification with registration instructions. Once you have registered, you are all set to browse brands and start ordering!

What happens if I was waitlisted?

If you receive a notification that you were waitlisted, please don’t be discouraged or think it’s because we are not fans of your awesome retail company. Please feel free to reapply again at least six months after submitting another application.


How do I join The Folklore?

Brands can join The Folklore in three simple steps:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Generate a username and password by visiting the The Folklore sign-up page
  3. Purchase membership plan
  4. Complete self-service onboarding form
What type of brands can join?

The Folklore’s technology, event, and community offerings are designed to serve small to medium size consumer goods brands that sell products across men’s and women’s fashion, accessories, beauty, home, wellness, hygiene, and kids & baby.

How do brands qualify to join?

There are no qualifying factors to join The Folklore. Brands do not have to apply or be invited to create an account on The Folklore. There are certain subscription plans, features, opportunities, and events that are invite only.

How much does it cost brands to join?

Brands are required to pay a subscription fee to join The Folklore. The subscription fees starts at $39 a month.

Service Providers

What service providers qualify to join Source?

All manufacturers and freelancers can apply to join Source as long as they provide services in accordance with our existing service categories.

Freelancers that provide any of the following services: Marketing, Web Media & Design, Business & Finance, Production, Creative Services

Manufacturers that provide any of the following services: CMT (Cut, Make, Trim), Cutting, Fabric Sourcing, Pattern Making, Product Development, Sample Making, Sewing, Techpack, Trimming

How much does it cost service providers to use Source?

It is free for service providers to join Source.

Service providers will be charged a fee of 7.7% + 15¢ for every payment received from a brand through Source.

How does Source work for service providers?

Source is a talent marketplace where vetted service providers can list services to attract new brand client leads. Service providers can respond to custom quote requests, create and manage projects, receive payment, and communicate with brands. Each Service provider will have their own profile page that showcases their rates, services offered, location, language, skills, and certifications. Based on services offered, their profile will be listed in either our freelancer or manufacturer marketplace for brands to discover. Payment for projects are submitted for all projects through card and digital wallet payment.

How do service providers join Source?

In order to join Source, service providers must apply to join the platform using the application form on The Folklore website. All applications will be reviewed by our team and service providers that are accepted will receive an email confirming their acceptance with details on how to create their account.

How are Service Providers evaluated?

The service provider application requests information that allows our team to evaluate whether a service provider’s work experience, services, and pricing align with the needs of the brands using the platform to source service providers. Each application also requests a reference from a previous client/employer that the service provider has done business with.

How do service providers create an account once approved to join?

There are two simple steps for service providers to complete registration once approved to join Source:

  1. Register username and password: Visit and use the email address submitted on the application for the username and then create a password.
  2. Complete onboarding: Once registered, service providers must enter details that will appear on their service provider profile and provide banking details for payments to be sent.