Why diversify your stocked brands?

Today’s ever-evolving consumers are driven by social change to become increasingly inclusive and discerning about shopping according to their values at retailers and businesses that provide diverse offerings. The rising demand for inclusivity means buyers have an opportunity to use the power of wholesale retail to champion diverse brands and expand their exposure to the consumers who value them.

Align With Moving Consumer Trends

2 out of 3 Americans claim social values now shape their shopping choices and brand loyalty.

90% of Gen Z consumers say they are more willing to buy products they consider beneficial to society.

57% of consumers are more loyal to brands committed to addressing social inequalities in their actions.

“Social values are shaping purchase decisions more than ever—and retailers that act now stand to attract consumers’ loyalty and spending.”

– McKinsey & Company

Refresh your assortment

  • Provide more options for a wider range of customers with a selection of Black-owned brands, LatinX brands, AAPI-owned brands and more

  • Simplify the discovery of emerging brands and enable the opportunity for economic growth in artisan communities.

  • Partner with independent brands in new markets who are creating exciting products that resonate with consumers

“We have moved to a diverse, splintered, and heterogeneous consumer base with a much broader and varied set of demands and needs.”

– Deloitte

Access brands to suit your customers

Discover our curated digital marketplace of vetted wholesale brands with distinct, high-quality product offerings to meet the evolving needs of modern consumers

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A selection of handmade lifestyle goods and homeware crafted with the highest quality and artisanal skills

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