The Folklore Connect Guide to Womenswear Fashion Trends for SS23

The Folklore Connect Guide to Womenswear Fashion Trends for SS23


As new collections from designers make their debuts on runways at various fashion weeks around the world, it’s up to editors and other industry experts to spot any emerging trends and what it means for the coming fashion landscape. Then retailers, independent store owners and buyers have the task of identifying potential best-sellers for their stores, according to what their customers want and work to make it available. 

Elegant minimalism

Minimalism trend: Abiola Olusola SS23  Minimalism trend: Ajabeng SS23  Minimalism trend: Michael Ludwig Studio SS23

Elevated basics are always on trend, and this season continues to bring the pared-back aesthetic of the minimalist look. Clean lines and simple silhouettes are the main characteristics of this trend, rendered in bias cut dresses, as seen on the Lagos Fashion Week runway at Abiola Olusola, or at Ghanaian brand AJABENG. Free from logos, patterns and embellishments, the minimalist trend adds an easy sophistication to everyday looks.

In neutral

Muted tones trend: Angela Brito AW23 Muted tones trend: Angela Brito SS23 Muted tones trend: Abiola Olusola SS23

The spring and summer are usually full of color and this year is no different, however this season also shows a proliferation of muted tones and all-white ensembles, as seen at the likes of Angela Brito, Rubicon and KADIJU. A neutral color palette in shades of ecru, cream and ivory give dresses, skirts and blouses a soft touch that is perfect for the warm months.

Heavy metallics

Metallics trend: Oríré SS23  Metallics trend: Fikile SS23  Metallics trend: Duaba Serwa SS23

Many designers took a shine to fabrics with some sheen this season, sending down looks in metallic hues and shimmering textures. While they are traditionally associated with the holiday season of the winter months, metallics are staying around for the summer to add a touch of glamor to events. We spotted gleaming looks at Oríré, Duaba Serwa and Fikile.

Ruffle and ready

Ruffle trend: Tia Adeola SS23  Ruffle trend: Pepper Row SS23   Ruffle trend: Michael Ludwig Studio SS23

More is more when it comes to finishing details and for SS23, designers including Tia Adeola, Pepper Row and Michael Ludwig Studio have gone three-dimensional with ruffles, fringe and other embellishments for a statement-making look.

Know your angles

Asymmetric lines trend: Tia Adeola SS23  Asymmetric lines trend: Angela Brito SS23 Asymmetric lines trend: Fia Factory SS23

Asymmetrical lines proved to be very popular this season. Whether to reveal a little bit of skin or to add a bit of directional design, angular lines provide a simple touch of interest on necklines and hems. Draped fabrics were put to great use in sleek dresses and fluid skirts that allow for plenty of movement.

Add some volume

Voluminous trend: Duaba Serwa SS23  Voluminous trend: KADIJU SS23  Voluminous trend: Fia Factory SS23

Oversized silhouettes, exaggerated proportions and voluminous shapes brought plenty of big fashion energy to the spring/summer collections. Duaba Serwa’s signature origami pleats are used to dramatic effect while layers of fabric cascaded into giant ruffles at KADIJU.


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