How to Use Connect to Succeed in Your Wholesale Business in 2023

How to Use Connect to Succeed in Your Wholesale Business in 2023


With more than 70 brands from 15 countries and 40+ retailers on our platform, The Folklore Connect enables designers in emerging markets to have the opportunity to expand their distribution network and connect with new retail partners. 

Innovative technology has helped to streamline the wholesale process for both brands and retailers, with features such as shoppable virtual showrooms for brands to bring their products to life, and online booking systems that allow retailers to schedule market meetings from anywhere, at any time.

Digital solutions like those provided by Connect now make light work of previously physical and time-consuming aspects of wholesale operations, such as generating line sheets, setting order terms, and arranging market appointments. Brands can do all this and more with just one platform, where they can receive and manage all of their whole orders, right down to when it is successfully delivered.

As a digital partner to both brands and retailers, Connect is able to use data systems to continuously improve and develop its product offerings in ways that will benefit all users. Read on to discover the ways that the Connect platform can help your wholesale business thrive this year and beyond.

Enhanced search

Retailers have the ability to browse brands on the Connect marketplace by key terms such as product categories, geographic location, community and values to find the perfect products for their customers. Now with added deep-link capabilities, users will be able to filter products, brands or retailers and share the unique link with someone or bookmark it.

Improved scheduling

Connect’s technology allows designers and brand representatives to host video chats with potential clients completely online or in person, from anywhere in the world. Now, whether to make introductions, ask questions, or organize the details of contracts, retailers will be able to request interactive meetings with brands at a specific time, which the recipient can approve or deny at their convenience. This calendar feature ensures that all partners stay informed about all meetings and conveniently conduct business without sending an email or picking up the phone.


Connect’s all-in-one platform helps streamline the processes to set sales terms, receive and manage wholesale orders, and easily accept and receive payment. Brands can manage every step of the order fulfillment process, from when an order is created to when it is ready for shipment. Newly added is the ability to set up shipping couriers and print shipping labels directly within the Connect app for any order. The order details will automatically be pulled in, and all customs documents will be taken care of.

Visible profile

To facilitate more exposure to potential new clients and retailers that are not yet available on the Connect platform, the previously restricted brand profile pages are now visible on a semi-public basis. Most products and all confidential information on the profile pages are hidden, but retailers will be able to get a taster preview of what’s on offer.


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