First Egypt Fashion Week Celebrates the Past, Present and Future of an Evolving Fashion Industry

First Egypt Fashion Week Celebrates the Past, Present and Future of an Evolving Fashion Industry

Back in March, the Egyptian Fashion & Design Council (EFDC) announced that it would be presenting the first Egyptian Fashion Week from May 12-15, with more than 60 designers slated to showcase their collections on the runway. 

With a theme of ​​“Past, Present & Future”, the aim of the fashion week event is to create a platform that shows the best of an evolving fashion industry and its vision for the future while celebrating Egyptian heritage and culture.

“Inspired by the rising number of emerging designers and growth of the local fashion industry, we knew the time had come to show the world our pool of creative talents and the local cotton and textile industry,” says Susan Sabet, co-founder of EFDC. “Egypt Fashion Week has been almost four years in the making, but this is what it took to be 100% sure that we will deliver an event that will hold its par with established and recognized fashion weeks around the globe and impress our Egyptian and our international guests that includes distinguished fashion industry leaders and media.”

Held across prestigious venues in Cairo, including the Museum of Agriculture Dokki and Mall of Arabia, the runways showcased the works of emerging designers such as Nadine Chamaa, Sara Bahaa, Marie Louis and Maison Farah Wali. Taking inspiration from their country’s storied history, many of the looks called back to ancient pharaohs and hieroglyphic motifs via flowing robes, regal capes and metallic accents.

In addition to the runway shows, the event featured panel talks on craftsmanship, production, sustainability, workplace standards, the empowerment of women in the industry, and the future of fashion and design education. Guest speakers included Imran Ahmed, founder of Business of Fashion, stylist Julie Matos, founder of Lagos Fashion Week Omoyemi Akerele, and Manuel Arnaut, editor-in-chief of Vogue Arabia.



Egypt Fashion Week 2023


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