Why Choose Wholesale?

One of the fastest-growing sales channels in the fashion retail industry, wholesale is an easy way for brands to make their products more accessible for consumers to discover and purchase, and for multi-brand retailers to offer wide availability of unique, considered products sourced from diverse designers around the world. Wholesale enables valuable and long-lasting connections between brands and partners, and customers.

Unlock Access to New Stockists & Customers

31% of consumers worldwide find new brands via online multi-brand platforms

Up to 80% of retail buyers prefer digital or remote interactions over in-person meetings

In 2022, analysts credited 20% sales increases across major brands to a newly expanded wholesale strategies.

“Multi-brand retail environments continue to be one of the most important ways in which consumers globally are finding out about the new brands.”

– Vogue Business

Expand your wholesale business

  •  Enter global retail markets by gaining access to a growing network of buyers from the US, Europe and beyond.
  • Enable conscious consumption of artisanal goods that combine heritage craft with modern production.
  • Boost brand awareness, increase sales and grow exposure to new customer base worldwide

“To grow, brands will need to diversify their channel mix, including wholesale and third-party marketplaces, alongside direct-to-consumer models.”

– Mckinsey, State of Fashion 2023

Access Stockists to Suit Your Brand

Connect with global retail partners that are evolving the diversity of their assortments and looking to discover new brands and must-have products their customers will love

Premium Retailers

Grow your business with major department stores seeking the next frontier of designer brands from new markets

Concept Stores

Bring the unique point of view of your creations to innovative specialty stores that share the same values


Build lasting partnerships with independent retailers that will amplify your brand and authentically tell your story