The Top Holiday Home Decor Trends

The Trend Report: The Top Holiday Home Decor Ideas for the Festive Season

As the holiday season approaches, 
it’s essential for retailers to stay ahead of the trends and offer their customers the latest and most desirable holiday home decor ideas, which are constantly evolving, thanks to new styles, colors, and themes emerging each year.

Retailers need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends to ensure their products appeal to customers and drive sales. By understanding what is popular in 2023, they can plan inventory and marketing strategies accordingly.

From traditional classics to contemporary twists, these trends are sure to inspire and attract customers seeking to create a festive and stylish atmosphere in their homes. Read on to discover the must-have decor elements that will make your store stand out during the upcoming holiday season.

Soft textures and cozy cushions

Casa Amarosa Laayo Spases
From left: Casa Amarosa, LÁAYO, Spases

One of the simplest ways to update home decor for a seasonal change is by switching out small but noticeable accessories. Plush cushions and velvety throws in rich, warm tones such as deep reds, forest greens, and metallic shades are the perfect pieces to add a colorful touch to a living space. Textures such as faux fur and knits will also evoke a cozy and luxurious atmosphere.

Mix-and-match table setting

Casa Amarosa glassware Ceridwin Eyre dinner plates Oya Abeó napkins 
From left: Casa Amarosa, Ceridwin Eyre, Oya Abeó

Mixing different dinnerware patterns and fabric textures can help create an eclectic table setting for a family dinner at Thanksgiving or Christmas. Dinner plates and cups in organic, earthy tones or table runners and napkins in vibrant colors are perfect for a festive look.

Seasonal scented candles 

Noa Lux Éluwa candles Casa Amarosa candlesticks
From left: Noa Lux, Éluwa, Casa Amarosa

Home fragrances and candles can capture the essence of the season with scents such as pine, cinnamon, and spiced apple. Scented candles are also great products to always have in stock because they make for great holiday gifts. In addition, consider unique candle holders to enhance the visual appeal of candles as they infuse warmth and coziness.

Layered textiles

Lulasclan table cloth Fouta Harissa Casa Amarosa throws 
From left: Lulasclan, Fouta Harissa, Casa Amarosa

For the holidays, furniture like coffee tables and couches can be draped with layers of blankets,
 throws and quilts in different textures and patterns for both decorative and protective purposes. A mix of stripes, plaids, and neutrals will create a snug and inviting atmosphere, which is perfect for chilly winter evenings.

Handmade pieces

Homa Studio vase AAKS storage basket Palette Pots
From left: Homa Studio, AAKS, Palette Pots

During the holidays, decorative pieces crafted from natural materials such as ceramics, wood, and raffia are great choices that tap into a growing awareness of environmental consciousness. Incorporating artisanal vases, woven baskets and planters in festive hues can infuse a touch of sophistication and artistry into holiday decor.

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