5 Best Practices for Brands to Promote Their Digital Showrooms for the Wholesale Market

5 Best Practices for Brands to Promote Their Digital Showrooms for the Wholesale Market


Today, more and more brands are investing in digital showrooms as they have come to replace physical showrooms and trade shows, eliminating the need for a brick-and-mortar location and samples to show new collections.

Technology has bridged the gap between the digital and physical worlds and brands can now create and display new collections, along with product details, pricing, and delivery information at the click of a button. For retail buyers, they can access a showroom at any time that suits them, exploring new products or collections digitally, and then making their purchase orders on the very same platform.

But with many businesses adopting the same process, the competition to get noticed and stand out from the crowd is also very real. That means you have to promote your products and virtual showroom and bring your business to the attention of retailers.

Below are five ways to shine a spotlight on your digital showroom and invite potential buyers to see what you’re all about.

01. Use social media

A strong social media presence is an important factor these days. Your followers on Instagram, Twitter or TikTok could contain potential buyers, and the way you present you brand will have a sizeable impact on their choice to visit your showroom and make a purchase order. Share graphics of your virtual showroom on social media, to let buyers know what they can expect and add a link to your showroom in your Twitter bio. This ensures that your audience across all platforms can always find your showroom.

02. Build an email list

Email marketing has proven to be an effective way to reach potential buyers. Ask visitors to subscribe to your updates and collect a list of email address of people interested in your brand. Design a newsletter that includes links to your digital showroom or invite retailers to any virtual activities and events you have planned. If you are launching new product or collection, send out an email to inform your clients about with a link to your showroom. It’s also a good idea to share updates about the product even after it has launched to keep interest and a steady momentum going.

03. Update your website

Despite the importance of social media sites such as Instagram and TikTok, your brand website should still be a point of focus. Create an inviting site banner and add a prominent link on your homepage that takes visitors directly to your digital showroom. This creates an interactive experience for visitors and implores them to explore the virtual world you’ve created in your digital domain.

04. Work with partners

Networking is always a good idea. Partner with influential social media users who can help you promote your business to their audience and help increase brand awareness. Creating great relationships with others can result in them cross-posting your content or links to your showroom. Like with any professional partnership, keep in mind how their vision and values align with those of your brand. As your name will be tied to theirs, ensure it’s a well-matched relationship that fits with your business.

05. Write a press release

Conventional methods of announcing news and launches are still very effective. Write a press release that provides details of the exciting features of your virtual showroom and explain the benefits to potential buyers. Also supply relevant images, videos and logos that will get your brand and products noticed. Develop relationships with fashion publications and media brands that will help you get your message across to their audience, and gain a few more in the process.

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