About the showroom

The Folklore Connect PFW Showroom will host a curation diverse designers from Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Columbia, New York, and London to showcase their SS24 collections. The diverse range of brands will be presenting men’s and women’s apparel and accessories across contemporary and luxury price points.

Paris, France | September 26th -28th

Tuesday 26th: 9am - 6pm

Wednesday 27th: 9am - 6pm

Thursday 28th: 9am - 11am

Open to buyers, stylists and media.

For appointments, RSVPs and more information: events@thefolklore.com

Featured Designers


BruceGlen is the brainchild of twin brothers Bruce and Glen Proctor, who honed their skills at brands such as House of Dereon before launching their own in 2019. The design duo has since established its signature aesthetic with the use of bright color, metal hardware and mixed patterns.

Cynthia Abila

Based in Nigeria, eponymous womenswear brand Cynthia Abila was founded in 2016 with a mission to express African heritage and culture with modern clothing. From tailored separates and occasion dresses to smart jumpsuits, each Cynthia Abila piece is designed with the modern woman in mind.

Duaba Serwa

Ghanaian designer Nelly Hagan-Deegbe founded Duaba Serwa in 2011, since then the brand has evolved into a womenswear line that creates modern, intricate pieces. Duaba Serwa employs luxurious fabrics, a vibrant color palette and its signature triangular origami pleat to create innovate pieces that combine intricate details, tactile textures and structural construction.

Florian London

London-based accessories brand Florian London offers elegant statement handbags. The designs employ lustrous colorsand unusual shapes for pieces that combine style, functionality and construction. Crafted by hand, each collection from Florian London is made in limited runs for distinct, statement pieces that are designed to last from season to season.


Marrying sensuality with luxury, Fruché is a ready-to-wear brand established in Lagos, Nigeria. Combining traditional artisanal techniques with a modern sensibility, Fruché aims to showcase the rich, historical heritage of Nigerian fashion while challenging cultural notions, characterized by draped fabrics, asymmetrical hems, and vibrant geometric patterns.

Israella Kobla

Contemporary womenswear brand ISRAELLA KOBLA redefines bold femininity through minimalism and structure and bold femininity. The Toronto-based brand takes its inspirations from a juxtaposition of designer Emefa Kaudey’s interest in fashion and background as a civil engineer, creating tiered silhouettes, geometric cut-out details and clean lines.

Kente Gentlemen

Abidjan-based Kente Gentlemen is a contemporary apparel and accessories brand. With a focus on durability and ethical production, the brand works with local artisans and tailors to create collections at its in-house atelier. Kente Gentlemen’s offerings, which range from hand-dyed cotton shirts to sleek overcoats and its signature striped Baba and Soke suit.


Rendoll was established in Nigeria as a contemporary fashion label for women of all shapes and sizes. The brand’s visual code is defined by kaleidoscopic marble prints and plissé fabrics. Existing at the intersection of luxury and affordability, Rendoll is built on the foundation of considered design that emphasizes body positivity and comfort without compromising on style.

The Lulo Project

The Lulo Project was created based on four core principles of comfort, diversity, sustainability, and inclusiveness. The brand prides itself on its participation in the slow fashion movement, and is committed to small production runs and having more than half of its fabrics made from natural or sustainable sources such as silk, linen and cotton.

Wanda Lephoto

With an approach that seeks to fuse the worlds of African culture, traditions and tailoring, South African brand Wanda Lephoto creates designs that honour identity and inclusivity. Taking inspiration from the past and under-represented groups, Wanda Lephoto offers fashion-forward pieces such as suits, outerwear, casual tees and collared shirts that tell modern African stories.

About The Folklore Connect

The Folklore Connect is a wholesale platform that provides software for diverse and sustainable brands in global markets to manage and scale their wholesale business. We help retailers and the next generation of brands work together to provide customers with products they will love.