The Folklore Connect Debuts at Paris Fashion Week, Showcasing Global Designers

The Folklore Connect Showroom to Make its International Debut at Paris Fashion Week

Following on the heels of the recent successful NYFW Showroom, The Folklore Connect will be making its debut at Paris Fashion Week later this month. The event marks a significant milestone for the brand as it expands its horizons to an international stage for the first time, presenting African-based and Black-owned brands on one of the world’s most prestigious fashion platforms.

The much-anticipated showroom event, as reported by WWD, is scheduled to coincide with the Paris Fashion Week, a celebration of creativity and innovation within the fashion industry. This venture into the heart of Paris, a renowned hub for fashion trends and influences, amplifies The Folklore Connect’s mission to promote inclusivity and diversification within the fashion realm.

Set to be held near the Palais Royale from September 26-28, the showcase will present a curation of 10 talented and diverse designers from Ghana, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Columbia, New York, and London. The featured brands will showcase their SS24 collections of men’s and women’s apparel and accessories across contemporary and luxury price points.

According to Vogue Business, the fashion industry is witnessing a rise in the representation of diverse designers, and the Paris showroom aligns with this trend, offering a platform for these designers to exhibit their unique designs and craftsmanship. Attendees will have the opportunity to witness a curated collection of designs that reflect the rich cultural heritage and innovation of designers of color.

“It’s about giving retailers access to brands they otherwise would not discover,” says The Folklore’s founder and CEO, Amira Rasool. “Customers want something that’s fresh, that comes from a different point of view. Being able to get it from people who have different experiences, who come from different backgrounds and have different traditions — that’s really important. We want to help the buyer discover those types of brands that are really going to get their customers excited.”

This event signifies a significant step forward in the fashion industry, highlighting the growing recognition of diversity and the need for more inclusive representation. As The Folklore continues to pave the way for underrepresented voices in fashion, the Paris Fashion Week Showroom promises to be a memorable and transformative experience, contributing to the ongoing dialogue on diversity and inclusivity within the fashion landscape.

The Paris Fashion Week Showroom is open to buyers, stylists and media. To make an appointment or for more information, please contact

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