The Case Study: V.BELLAN’s Successful Wholesale Expansion into Bergdorf Goodman

The Case Study: V.BELLAN’s Successful Wholesale Expansion into Bergdorf Goodman

New York-based jewelry brand V. BELLAN is the brainchild
of founder and creative director Vanessa Bellan, who built on her years of experience as a professional in the industry to start her own line of gender-neutral jewelry. The result is a collection of contemporary pieces that are designed to be everyday essentials, from sculptural rings and pearl-drop earrings to its signature paperclip chain necklaces.

V.BELLAN has its own direct-to-consumer e-commerce channel, and has seen plenty of success, with its designs gracing the likes of Insecure’s Issa Rae. However, Bellan was keen to enter the wholesale retail space as the next step to grow her business. After making the decision to transition to wholesale, Bellan wanted to work with a platform that would provide direct access to buyers and opportunities to connect with retailers. 

The transition to wholesale was important to my brand because it aided in amplifying my brand’s reach, enhanced profitability, and established a more stable business foundation,” says Bellan.

Since embarking on the journey of wholesale expansion with The Folklore Connect, V.BELLAN has now joined iconic retail store Bergdorf Goodman’s line-up of luxury designers and coveted collections. V.BELLAN has also launched at online retailers REVOLVE and Shopbop.

Below, we explore how V.BELLAN’s strategic partnership with The Folklore Connect wholesale platform played a role in facilitating the brand’s successful entries into these prestigious retail spaces.

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Joining The Folklore Connect

V.BELLAN’s decision to join The Folklore Connect was driven by the platform’s compelling value propositions. Firstly, the platform’s commitment to bridging the gap for brands of color resonated with V.BELLAN’s ethos, aligning with the brand’s mission to celebrate diversity and inclusion. Additionally, The Folklore Connect offered brands the unique opportunity to directly engage with buyers, enabling a seamless connection between designers and retailers.

Transitioning from e-commerce to wholesale

While V.BELLAN had established its presence in the direct-to-consumer e-commerce space, Bellan recognized the importance of also venturing into wholesale. By the end of 2022, V.BELLAN made the strategic move to amplify its reach through wholesale, enhancing profitability and establishing a more robust business foundation.

Virtual meetings and Showroom experiences

Despite being a digital platform, V.BELLAN’s wholesale experience included both in-person connections and virtual meetings, which were overwhelmingly positive. The brand participated in events such as February’s NYFW Showroom event, which led to face-to-face interactions with buyers. Approximately five direct meetings were held with retailers, with one meeting conducted virtually.

“My experience with The Folklore Connect has been great so far. My favorite feature is the virtual showroom on the platform” – Vanessa Bellan


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V.BELLAN’s path to Bergdorf Goodman

The brand’s connection with Bergdorf Goodman was initiated at The Connect x RAISEfashion NYFW Showroom, where a Bergdorf buyer initially showed interest in V.BELLAN’s jewelry. The connection eventually led to an in-person viewing, followed by an order placement within a remarkably short span of time – just four days from initial meet to order placement.

Building relationships and sustaining success

The partnership between V.BELLAN and Bergdorf Goodman has evolved into a strong relationship, marked by regular check-ins and collaboration. V.BELLAN’s presence at the retailer has been received exceptionally well, with two reorders placed since the brand’s launch.

The impact of The Folklore Connect

The results of V.BELLAN’s collaboration with The Folklore Connect have been resoundingly positive. The brand’s presence was swiftly established in Bergdorf Goodman as well as online retailers REVOLVE and Shopbop. Each retailer placed replenishment orders within weeks of the brand’s launch, indicating the popularity of V.BELLAN’s designs as well as the efficacy of the Connect platform in facilitating successful retail partnerships.

V.BELLAN’s experience with Connect has been highly favorable. The virtual showroom feature stands out as a favorite, contributing to the brand’s seamless interactions with buyers and enabling fruitful collaborations.

V.BELLAN’s journey from joining The Folklore Connect to launching at Bergdorf Goodman, Shopbop, and REVOLVE showcases the platform’s role in empowering brands to navigate the wholesale landscape successfully. By providing a platform that champions diversity, fosters connections, and accelerates growth, The Folklore Connect has played a significant role in V.BELLAN’s transformation from a direct-to-consumer brand to a thriving wholesale success story.

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Discover the V.BELLAN collection at Bergdorf Goodman

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