The Moroccans

The Moroccans


The Moroccans is a range of products based on natural ingredients. Every one of the vegetables and minerals used in our products comes from Morocco’s most reputed natural reserves. Scrupulously selected for their exceptional qualities, they are then harvested and transformed with infinite care to keep every one of their precious properties intact. The Moroccan Beauty Ritual has two requirements: perseverance and, in the beginning, a little patience. It is formulated to be in perfect synergy with the active natural ingredients of Morocco, in order to offer this holistic approach, which was much sought after to reveal your beauty.

Beauty Collection

Natural African beauty is our skincare philosophy. We curated a selection of ethically sourced skincare brands to bring Africa’s beauty secrets to your shelf. We bring the best of plant-based beauty care from different parts of the African continent. African botanicals can work miracles on your skin ...The magnificent flora and fauna brings extridonaary plants that are unique, raw and rich ingredients to add to your skin routine. We have everything to make you feel like yourself- nourishing body butter, nail lacquer, essential oils and more. There’s something for everyone’s beauty shelf on our site. Morocco’s ancient beauty secret is Argan oil. Try out Marrakech-based brand The Moroccans, Argan & Patchouli oil. The sweet and musky oil can be used as a face mask, a lip scrub, a scar healer and razor burn relief. In West Africa Shea Butter is extracted from the shea nut and used in therapeutic skincare. Take a handful of the South-Africa brand Suki Suki’s Whipped Shea Creme. It’s a multi use creme to hydrate and seal moisture for the skin and hair. If you are in need of a spa day at home, add some soothing bath salts. The Moroccans’s Rosemary Bloom Bath Salts will fill the air with a sweet woad aroma to create a calming environment. Mellow Hydrating Body Wash will rejuvenate your senses in the shower. This plant based
The Moroccans Argan Patchouli
Suki Suki Whipped Shae Creme
The Moroccans Rosemary Bloom Bath Salts

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