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Pre-Market Checklist for Fashion Brands Preparing to Sell Wholesale


Preparing for a successful market season in the wholesale retail industry requires careful planning and execution. For brands and designers aiming to carve a significant presence in the wholesale retail, the path to success is paved with careful research, thoughtful planning, and seamless execution.

That’s why we’ve created a comprehensive checklist with essential steps that will empower young brands and designers to navigate the realm of wholesale markets with confidence and achieve their aspirations.

From conducting targeted research to curating compelling samples, optimizing presentation techniques, and staying meticulously organized, the roadmap to a successful market season is full of opportunities to create lasting impressions and make enduring connections in the retail industry.

By following these preparation steps, wholesale brands can position themselves for a successful market season in the wholesale retail industry, fostering valuable relationships and expanding their presence in the market.

Pre-Market Checklist

Research your target retail partners:

  • Identify retailers that align with your brand’s aesthetic and target audience.
  • Research their product offerings, pricing, and customer base.
  • Understand their buying cycles and preferences.

Schedule buying appointments:

  • Reach out to potential retail partners to schedule appointments.
  • Ensure your availability and flexibility to accommodate their schedules.

Have your product samples ready:

  • Create a selection of well-crafted and representative samples from your collection.
  • Ensure samples showcase your design quality, materials, and workmanship.

Prepare your key selling points:

  • Clearly define what sets your brand apart from competitors.
  • Highlight unique design elements, sustainable practices, and brand story.
  • Develop a concise and compelling pitch about your brand and collection.
  • Be prepared to discuss design inspirations, materials, and brand ethos.

Set wholesale terms and policies:

  • Define clear terms for minimum orders, payment terms, and return policies.
  • Ensure your wholesale pricing structure is competitive and sustainable.

Update your line sheet:

  • Create a comprehensive line sheet with high-quality images, product descriptions, and pricing.
  • Include wholesale and suggested retail prices, available sizes, colors, and materials.

Have your order and fulfillment process ready:

  • Establish an efficient order processing and fulfillment system.
  • Determine lead times for production and delivery.
  • Calculate accurate shipping costs and ensure products are suitable for retail distribution.


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