3 Efficient Strategies for Increasing Customer Loyalty

3 Efficient Strategies for Increasing Customer Loyalty


What’s better than having a brand-new customer make a purchase from your brand? That customer returning to buy from you again and again. After all, the backbone of any successful business is having people who are willing to purchase products over a long period of time.

Customer retention, or turning a new customer into a repeat customer, is an important goal for any brand: it will help drive sales, generate revenue and increase profits. 

There are various strategies a brand or retailer can employ to retain customers, from improving customer service, offering in-store experiences, or enhancing customer engagement. All these efforts go a long way in building customer loyalty and encouraging customers to make repeat purchases with you. Having long-term customers also helps you build data about your brand, providing insights into how well or not your business is performing, through surveys, reviews or customer service encounters.

Below, we are sharing three easily implemented strategies that will make your customers keep coming back

Offer welcome discounts

Make a good first impression with new customers by offering a welcome discount for their very first order. More than 80% of people look for discounts before making an online purchase. This has the benefit of convincing unsure customers to go ahead and make an initial purchase from your brand, and hopefully the first of many. Add a banner or pop-up message to your website to alert customers to the offers, provide a discount code and state any terms and conditions.

Engage with emails

A great way to remain at the top of your customer’s mind is to engage with them with email marketing. You can start with a follow-up email after their first purchase. It could be a simple message to just say “thank you”, or a guide on how to use the product they just received, or a recommendation of other items that complement their purchase. Acknowledging your consumers this way makes them feel good about patronising your brand, and helps you build a relationship that adds value to your customer’s experience.

Give a free gift

Surprise customers with a free gift as a token of your appreciation for their purchase. It can be a small gesture, such as a sample of one of your latest products, which is an effective way to get them to try out something else from your store at no extra cost. You could also offer a code for a discount on their next purchase or free shipping. You could keep it really simple with a box of candy or even a handwritten thank-you note. Such gifts will make your customers feel valued and increase their chances of returning.

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