The holidays are a great opportunity for businesses to position themselves for maximum success by the end of the year. And when it comes to making your products stand out in a sea of holiday discounts and seasonal sales, it’s important for brands and retailers to go the extra distance in highlighting the value of their products.

Marketing your products or brand effectively over the holidays can go a long way in boosting sale conversions, brand awareness and customer loyalty. Organic marketing channels that only require you to create and share content are more wallet-friendly, although paid advertisements can be really effective for bringing new visitors to your store or website.

From boosting customer engagement on social media to increasing order values at the checkout, here are some effective marketing tips that can come in handy over the holiday season.

Photograph by Monstera, courtesy of Pexels

Make it pop

A festive homepage design or a themed pop-up on the screen is a quick way to engage visitors to your website, and can enhance the user experience. Whether it’s a dedicated banner that leads to your holiday shop, or a pop-up that flashes on screen to display a promotion or discount, your website is an effective way to provide information and clear messaging that catches the eye.

Create a poll

A cost-effective way to interact and check in with your community is by creating a poll they can respond to. Ask questions about their holiday shopping habits, who they’re shopping for or what’s on their wish list, and get instant feedback. You can then use this data to curate your assortment for the season.

Upsell your products

A great way to attract customers’ attention and increase average order value is by grouping similar or related items together in a bundle. Package the scented candles along with the room fragrances, for example. Pairing your bestselling products with complementary pieces is a great way to highlight your product range.

Run a giveaway

It is the season of giving after all, and a great way to show your appreciation for your customers is to run a giveaway on social media. It’s good way to engage with your community, acquire new followers, and create interest in your products. You can also include a small free gift with each purchase, or even just a thank-you note to show your gratitude to loyal customers. This is also a meaningful way to use up any extra inventory you may have as they year draws to an end.