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Wholesale Appointments: Using Video Chat and In-App Messaging for Wholesale


As a buyer or a brand, staying connected with potential partners is vital for success. The ability to communicate swiftly and effectively can make the difference between securing a new partnership or letting an opportunity slip away. Good communication is at the heart of successful retail partnerships and this is where The Folklore Connect’s wholesale platform steps in to empower members with a suite of features, including virtual appointments and in-app messaging.

With virtual appointments and in-app messaging, the platform equips members with the tools to connect with retailers effortlessly, fostering trust, transparency, and collaboration. By embracing these features and engaging actively, brands can position themselves as reliable partners in the wholesale retail business.

Whether you’re subscribed to Connect Essentials, Connect Plus or Connect Premium, all members have access to inbound retailer messaging, which lets you receive and respond to any incoming messages from any retailer using the platform. You can also receive and review digital and physical appointment scheduling requests from retailers with the Appointment Scheduling feature and host video or audio meetings directly on the platform with any retailer that requests it.

Receive messages on the go

In the fast-paced world of wholesale retail, timing is everything. And when using The Folklore Connect’s in-app messaging feature on a mobile or tablet device, member brands can receive and respond to inbound messages from retailers on the go. This ensures that no important inquiry or opportunity goes unanswered. Whether you’re at the office, attending a trade show, or on the move, you can effortlessly manage your messages, keeping your brand in the forefront of retailers’ minds.

Promote prompt and informed responses

Responding promptly to inquiries is a hallmark of professionalism and a key to building trust in business relationships. On Connect, you can not only reply quickly but also provide relevant details and images directly through the platform. This feature streamlines the communication process, allowing you to share product images, catalogs, or any information that retail buyers may need to make informed decisions.

Manage orders end to end

Effective communication extends beyond the initial introduction. With the platform’s robust messaging capabilities, you can manage orders from start to finish. Discuss product availability, pricing, and delivery timelines, all within the same interface. This end-to-end management simplifies the sales process, fostering transparency and trust.

The power of proactive communication

By maintaining proactive communication with retailers, Connect users are not only showcasing their professionalism but also building a positive rapport. This positive rapport, rooted in transparent and timely communication, significantly increases the chances of becoming great working partners. It demonstrates your brand’s commitment to providing excellent service and accommodating the unique needs of your retail clients.

While all members have access to inbound retailer messaging, appointment scheduling, and video chat capabilities, Connect Plus and Connect Premium members enjoy additional benefits, including outbound retailer messaging, which allows them to send up to 10 monthly prospecting messages to any retail buyer on the platform. This feature opens up new doors for engagement and expansion, allowing you to proactively reach out to potential partners.


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Photo by Diva Plavalaguna/

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